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Downloading Documents (Adobe)

Documents are made available in a variety of formats for website users to download. Where appropriate, guidance will be offered on how to download these. If you experience any difficulties in downloading please contact us by emailing

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Some documents available on the Avesco website are stored in a special format called PDF. This guide explains how you can download them to your computer and read them.

Acrobat Reader is software that lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Without it you will be unable to view documents in the PDF format.

What if I am a visually impaired user?

Acrobat Access View presents an alternative view of PDF documents in Acrobat Exchange or Reader for blind and vision impaired users, it works as a supplement to the standard reader. However, to use this product you must download the version of the Acrobat Reader for it to be compatible. After you have downloaded the Acrobat Reader, click here to go to the Adobe site to download Acrobat Access View. Follow the instructions on the page to help you.

How much does this software cost?

Nothing, it is entirely free.

Will the Acrobat Reader work on my computer?

The reader comes in several versions, made to suit different types of computer. You download the version designed to work on your system.

How to get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Which version is right for my computer?

To choose the correct version you will need to know which platform (or operating system) your computer uses.

For example:
Windows (95 / 98 / 2000, XP, ME)

Does the Avesco provide this software?

No - you will need to follow the link below to another website to get Acrobat Reader.

You then need to return to the Avesco site to download the PDF document you are interested in.

Where to Download

Acrobat Reader is available at no charge from Adobe Systems' World-Wide Web Site.